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Long ago, there was a place at the foot of the mountain which was blessed with nature’s gift, like green plants, trees and water fish. On the mountain, the mangyans found a small river teeming with fish. Because of this, many people from other places came and some of them started to settle at the area. This place became a part of Barrio Quinabigan and also a part of Sitio Agos.

The settlers who come increased and so they organized a new set of leaders. Later this place was named Pambisan Munti which means a small river where you can catch abundant fresh water fish with the use of a hook and built. This place soon became a barrio.

Mr. Herminigildo Ricohermoso Sr. became the barrio Lieutenant. A small school made of coco lumber was constructed for Grade I to IV elementary pupils.

Then Mr. Segundo Ricohermoso continued the job and became the first Barangay Captain. Next, Mr. Domingo Perjes took the over and under his leadership, the Barrio was fortunate to have a concrete Catholic Church & an image of Sto. Niño. From that time up to present, the Barangay Fiesta is celebrated every January 21-22 annually. The government had a project in this barangay, the construction of the Pinamalayan Airport. However, it was later shelved due to insufficient government fund.

Then Mr. Leuterio Red became the next barangay Captain. He is continued what the previous Barangay Captain started. Mr. Leuterio Red was later succeeded by Mr. Rufino S. Sotto, Sr.

Under the leadership of Mr. Rufino Sotto, Sr. this barangay was blessed with a Marcos type school building. The Ricohermoso family donated a portion of land. That was why the school for grade I to IV was transferred to the Marcos type building constructed on the present site. Subsequently, the Barangay Hall was constructed on the land vacated by the school. This portion of land on the other hand was donated by the Constantino Family.

In the year 1986 Mr. Vedasto Perjes became the Barangay Captain. Under his administration, the Day Care Center was constructed for Pre-school children. A new Barangay Hall was constructed and two new school building was donated by Congressman Jesus Punzalan. Grade V and VI were added completing the Elementary School in 1992. In coinciding with the implementation of IRA 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code.

The Sangguniang Kabataan constructed a Basketball Court and a Slide, Multi Purpose Pavement and Cultural Stage from their share of the Barangay IRA. The Construction of the Airport was resumed thru the effort of the Governor Rodolfo G. Valencia. This project was soon completed.

 In the year 2002, Vedasto Perjes won again as Barangay Captain of Pambisan Munti with the Councilors Amadeo Q. Magtibay, Herminigildo Ricohermoso, Rufino Sotto, Sr., Myrna Q. Ramos, Teresita De Sena, Nerita Semilla, Rosita D. Lincallo, Enrilyn Q. Lumanglas - SK Chairman, Gina S. Juanico - Barangay Secretary and Rosemarie Q. Manahan - Barangay Treasurer. He continued all the projects by his administration like the construction of Elevated Water Tank by the help of Municipal Fund. The water supply was spread in sitio Ipil-Ipil and some portion of sitio Yakal. Barangay Road Concreting from sitio Yakal and sitio Puting Amogis, Streetlights in sitio Ipil-Ipil, Renovation of Barangay Health Center, re-gravelling of sitio, Barangay Hall fencing and most especially the titling Barangay Hall lot were among the accomplishments during his administration.

The SK constructed Multi-Purpose Pavement, Benches and SK Hall.

Mr. Perjes completed his term hence in the year 2007, Herminigildo L. Ricohermoso won as his successor as Punong Barangay with Councilors Gerardo Regencia, Nerita Semilla, Jesito Luha, Allan Agustino, Teresita De Sena, Macelina Franciscoand Modesto Esteleydes, SK Chaiman Mark Tristan Esteleydes, Secretary Gina S. Juanico and Barangay Treasurer Rosemarie Q. Manahan. He continued all the projects. Electrification in sitio Yakal was the first project he implemented. Source of fund is from Priority Development PDAF and 20% of Barangay Funds.

By the help of Barangay IRA, Financials Assistance and Municipal Funds the following projects were made: Installation of Streetlight, Renovation of Barangay Health Center, Renovation of Barangay Hall and Barangay Outpost, Fencing of Barangay Hall and Improvement and Rehabilitation of Water System in sitio Yakal and the continuation of barangay road concreting.

It should be noted that in one of its sitio's, particularly in Layang Layang there is an ongoing boundery dispute with the Municipality of Gloria. The dispute remains un settled up to present despite the efforts of both parties.

In the year of 2010 had blessed Amadeo Q. Magtibay won as Barangay Captain with councilors Marcelina Z. Francisco, Joseph M. Perjes, Christopher M. Rodriguez, Nerita F. Semilla, Allan L. Agustino, Gerardo R. Regencia and Jesito F. Luha, SK Chairman Renato F. Semilla, Barangay Secretary Geraldine S. Amoguis and Teresita M. De Sena as Barangay Treasurer. He continued all the projects: construction of Concrete Bench, Barangay Hall Fencing, Back filling of Barangay Hall compound , improvement of Health Center, Barangay Water System, Road Concreting sitio Yakal to sitio Acasia and installation of Streetlights is the first project he made at 2011 by the help of Barangay IRA, Financial Assistance and Municipal Fund.

First project of SK Renato F. Semilla in 2011 from 10% SK-Fund was improvement of Basketball Court and Installation of Streetlights in sitio Yakal.

In the year 2013 had blessed again Mr. Amadeo Q. Magtibay won as Barangay Captain under his administration, the Multi-Purpose Barangay Hall and SK Hall was constructed and Day Care Center and Sinior Citizen building improvement. With councilors: Marcelina Z. Francisco, Joseph M. Perjes, Christopher M. Rodriguez, Arsenio R. Sarcia, Rosita D. Lincallo and Myrna Q. Ramos, Barangay Secretary Geraldine S. Amoguis and Teresita M. De Sena as Barangay Treasurer.

Sa paglipas ng taon muling nakapagpatayo si Mr. Amadeo Q. Magtibay ng bagong Barangay Hall na sa ngayon ay kasalukuyang nagagamit na. Nagkaroon din ng Electrification ang sitio Maulawin, Narra at Acasia. Ngayon ay napasimulan na rin ang Road Concreting ng sitio Narra, patuloy pa rin ang pagsusumikap na ang lahat ng sulok ng barangay ay magkaroon ng tamang kalsada at kuryente.

Ito ay sa husay at galing ng mga maituturing nating Bayani ng ating Barangay sa kanilang husay sa pagbalangkas ng mga proyekto, programa at higit na kapakipakinabang sa mga mamamayan ng barangay.

Ito rin ay sa tulong ng mga kinauukulan tulad ng National Government Agencies (NGAs), mas mataas na Local Government Units o LGU's bayan, lalawigan, mga pribadong sector at iba pa.

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